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Citizens of EU countries can enter Bulgaria without a visa for 90 days while the nationals of UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, Canada and Switzerland may stay in the country visa-free for 30 days. However, from 6th of September 2006 the law states that UK nationals and Ireland travelers can stay in the country for 90days visa-free in a period of six months, counting from the first date of entry. In accordance to acting international agreements the citizens of the most former socialist countries also do not need a visa to enter Bulgaria. The holders of passports of other countries must have a visa issued by Bulgarian embassies and consulates from their country prior to arrival. For this they will need :



To provide a letter of invitation from a Bulgarian host on a standard form provided by the municipality or a business partner


To provide a letter from their company or institution if they are traveling on business.


Visas are not issued and cannot be obtained at the Bulgarian border check-points upon arrival. The permitted 30 or 90-day period for staying can be prolonged only in case of force major circumstances such as accident, illness, death. Otherwise you have to leave the country. If you intend to stay beyond that period you must obtain a “type D” visa from the Bulgarian embassy in your originating country prior to arrival. Regardless of your nationality we recommend to check with the local Bulgarian embassy because the rules are often changed. Sheen Limited will assist everyone intending in getting Visa “type D” with our in-house expertise in this field.


Residence Permits

With your type D visa safely in hand you can now apply for residency. You may then be given permission to remain in Bulgaria for up to one year if you have both a work permit and a guaranteed full time contract or you have a company in Bulgaria that employs at least ten local people. Alternatively this permission can be granted if you want to study in the country or you are married to Bulgarian citizen. On the other hand if you bring more than 250,000 EURO’S to invest in Bulgaria then it is a total different ball game in Bulgaria. Due to this there is a special permit applicable which again we can fully assist you in obtaining it. Getting permanent residency in Bulgaria is another story altogether – a long one, as well as you must pass a test in Bulgarian language proficiency! All this can be made simple by talking to the professionals here at Sheen Ltd.


Arrival Formalities

All travelers to Bulgaria are required to register as a foreign citizen at the local police station within 5 days of arrival. SHEEN LIMITED will arrange the registration for those staying in the accommodation arranged by us. Once you have obtained the registration slip, make sure you keep this dated slip because you could be asked to present it at the passport control when leaving the country. Failing to show this may cause you serious troubles as well as large fines to be paid. Fortunately it rarely happens to short-staying foreigners from Western countries. But better secure it to avoid unpleasant incidents. This annoying and cumbersome procedure was expected to be replaced by 01.01.2006 with registering at the airport upon arrival but this service is still not available at the airport so please get in touch with us on arrival and we shall get you registered with the local police. Visitors not staying in a hotel must register at the local police station within 5 days, together with their passport of their host.



The Bulgarian authorities do not consider presentation of a copy of the passport sufficient for identification purposes as well as driving license, ID card or others. Visitors should carry their original passports with them at all times. In case of stolen or lost documents, you must immediately report to the nearest police station where a protocol of the accident will be made. Be sure to take a copy with you otherwise you can not leave the country.










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